Start6 Inspires Student Engineers to Become Entrepreneurs

Through the “Start6″ program — launched in January 2014 — we are offering opportunities for both graduate and undergraduate students and postdocs at MIT to learn more about the nuts and bolts of taking these ideas to the next level and build a successful company. Topics include (but are not limited to) equity division, models of funding, marketing, scalability, and team building. Additionally, we plan to highlight some of the campus resources already available to students, including the Venture Mentoring Service, TLO, and the 100K Challenge.

This year’s  workshop will bring together roughly 70 MIT students — primarily from, but not limited to, Course VI. We hope that the event will not only allow students to meet successful entrepreneurs and leaders in the VC field, but will also provide them with the resources needed to consider the vast opportunities in front of them, as well as the inspiration to pursue their passion.