Project NameDescriptionParticipant(s)
Belleds QBellEds Q: World's First Smart Home Audio and Lighting System. Our system integrates wireless smart LED bulbs with streaming music. The Q makes it easy to create and share your own light shows!Michael Chen, Alan Zhou
CompBioMedPrioritizing drug targets for use in clinical trials and stratifying patients with high probability to be responsive to drugs. Our technology will help drug companies understand the disease in a time and cost efficient manner, allowing more focused and lower risk drug discovery projects.Wouter Meuleman, Nisha Rajagopal, David Rosen
CROMIA - Crowdsourced Medical Image Analysis
DataFlow: Drag-and-Drop Data ScienceTens of thousands of small and medium organizations want to capitalize on the data revolution, but most cannot afford to hire programmers and data scientists. We offer drag-and-drop data science software that allows analysts at these businesses to carry out sophisticated analyses and learn data science techniques without ever needing to program. Josh Wolff; Partha Bhattacharjee
Design for 3D Printing Software for Optimized Raster Angle
Efficient Enterprise Data Storage
Email Smart Plug InHarness the tools of social media to tame and rationalize the Email inbox and declutter your life. We are bombarded with messages. Email Smart Plug In will get you off the email treadmill. Marc Norman
EnterogateEnterogate’s platform technology for measuring biomarkers in the gut will revolutionize chronic disease management.Jacob Rubens, Mark Mimee, Rob Citorik, Phillip Nadeau
Finding Problem Set Buddies
Fingerjamfingerjam turns gloves into a MIDI keyboard and your hands into an instrument on-the-go. The glove's fingers are equipped with force-sensitive resistors so you can play on any surface, letting you jam to any song on your phone without worrying about playing the right notes!Jeremy Scott
FirecompassEarly detection is crucial in suppressing forest fires, but existing methods do not assure an early response. FireCompass provides a reliable and low-maintenance solution to early detection by integrating drones, sensors, and bio-inspired search algorithms. Roger Wang, Andy Chen, Fanni Fang
gigaSpring DesktopgigaSpring Desktop is a cloud-based desktop virtualization utility, which gives individual consumers a flexible, customizable, personal computing environment as a service. gigaSpring Desktop provides a privacy, protection, and processing power at a moments notice, allowing consumers to worry about using their system instead of maintaining it.Yonatan Tekleab
GimmeVibeGimmeVibe is a Mobile App that measures vibrancy in places and activities through people revealing their emotions.Gabriel Lanfranchi, John Park
GroupBot: A Community Organization Platform
Hidden Markets
Human Microchip Technology
Intact CorpIntact Corp provides technology-based elder concierge services in emerging markets, which includes a smart device for elder, a smartphone app for elder's family and a 24/7 professionally trained call center
JoliBoardJoliboard is an on line publishing service and a digital platform for content generation, discovery, distribution and management that acts as a premier tool for creative-expression and connection around common interests. Joliboard is catered primarily to lifestyle crowd and creates an ecosystem for curators and creators to generate and organize visually appealing content.
JoliBoard lets you discover an endless assortment of cool content, which will be curated and created by a global community with one thing in common: exceptional taste."
Mohammad Araghchini
Kelley Blue Book for GaN Electronics
Lightweight portable X-ray machines for rural and mobile medical systems
LetaLeta is the delivery service for millions around the world who live in places with no well-defined address system.David Ogutu
MathMotionMathMotion is software, ideal for smart boards and tablets, that helps students and educators communicate and understand mathematical operations using visualization.
A single step in solving an equation can be animated. Also, all of the steps can be integrated into a single animation.
Edwin Fonkwe, Colm O'Rourke
Mobile tourist guide
Open Data DiscourseODD is an innovative civic participation platform to develop insights (from municipal and non-profit open, public data) and inform policy. Carey Anne Nadeau
Photon LogicA. and B. need to share a sensitive message, but they're connected by an untrusted channel that severely weakens their signal - A. and B. are banks, army units, earth-orbiting satellites. Photon Logic builds transmitters, receivers and support equipment to secure and accelerate their communication.
Power Tippet
Prepaid expense card for small and medium enterprises
Project commitment
Rescue DronesMy company is developing quick to action, easy to operate, autonomous drones for emergency rescue scenarios.
Revolutionary charging system for mobile electronic devices
RewiseMedPharma have lost billions of dollars due to failed drug, RewiseMed bring back these lost investment by finding new use/ indications for these safe failed drugs by using a machine learning algorithm to integrate big biological dataLeila Pihaji, Yu-wen Tang
RicultA three sided ECommerce Auction platform that allows farmers, buyers and sellers to bid (buy and sell) for products through the mobile phone.Bruno Garibaldi, PJ Danarh
Smart Read Plug In
StartHubMIT students come up with many great ideas, but very few ideas become companies. StartHub is an electronic platform that automates and organizes the entrepreneurial process, facilitating the founder's journey.Ali Abdalla, Omar Obeya
Tele CVD Rescue NetworkThis project will establish a tele CVD rescue network providing real-time electrocardiograph monitoring, coordinated, proactive emergency rescue, and assistance to CVD patients via remote health management.
This project will establish a tele CVD rescue network providing real-time electrocardiograph monitoring, coordinated, proactive emergency rescue, and assistance to CVD patients via remote health management.
Ming Qiao, Rui Deng, Sara Gao, Tony Fan
ThriveThrive is a pre-marital counseling tool for OUR generation. It allows couples to prepare for marriage by exploring and applying social science on relationships and learning from a community of other couples. The service will be delivered through a digital platform, specifically a combination of a website and mobile application, with add on digital counseling/coaching services available.Chetan Jhaveri, Justin Pytka, Lee Miller, Mili Shah (only Chetan, Justin and Lee plan to attend Start6)
TurnUp: Local Music Discovery AppTurnUp is a better way to quickly discover new local music, explore new artists and shows, and share your discoveries with your friends.Evan Klein, Sergio Gonzalez
UltraSounds Good Technology
Wearable Perception SystemImaging your suitcase can read sign, drive itself, and guide you to your destination. A self-driving navigation suitcase is your best travelling companion.Nick Wang, Jordan Allspaw, Peter Yu
Web-based VDE
WordUsherGo anywhere worry-free with WorldUsher, the complete trip planner for any destination in the world. Jingjin Yu