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Friday, January 16, 12:45 PM

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Co-founder, CEO, Tyfone, Inc.

Siva Narendra is co-founder and CEO of Tyfone, Inc. an award winning mobile first security company. He has authored over 60 technical papers in peer reviewed conferences and journals, and frequently lectures on technology forums. He also has over 200 issued/pending patents. Siva is a frequent speaker at a wide range of forums including ones sponsored by academia and industry as well as organizations such as IEEE, FSTC, CTIA, SmartCard Alliance and FTC.

Before his current responsibility, he was with Intel Laboratories specializing in energy and yield aware designs. He is a co-author and editor of the Leakage [Energy] in Nanometer CMOS Technologies book published by Springer. Siva is an Adjunct Faculty with the Departments of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Portland State University and Oregon State University. He is the Chair of Technology Directions sub-committee at the International Solid-State Circuit Conference and has been an active member of the Technical Program Committees of A-SSCC, and International Symposiums focusing on Low Power Design (ISLPED) and Quality Electronic Design (ISQED).

Siva has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Siva is located in Portland, US.