Experiences of Recent Alums – panelist

Wednesday, Jan. 21, 10:30 AM

2015 Schedule

Dr. Szymon Jakubczak received his PhD in EECS from MIT in 2011. As a student, Szymon designed the opportunistic mesh routing protocol MORE, and his demonstration of scalable video broadcast won the ACM SIGCOMM SRC in 2010. His broadened research experience and collaborations include glasses-free 3-D displays and “neighborhood” networks. Szymon is an active proponent of open source and net-neutrality. His Internet access sharing app for Android, Barnacle Wifi Tether, released in 2010, has reached 2 million users, and is used by the Commotion Wireless project. He previously worked at Intel Research, Meraki Wireless (now Cisco), and advised the OpenGarden foundation. From 2011 to 2014, he was at Google, where he researched performance of the Chrome web browser over mobile networks, peer-to-peer wireless networking and wireless network switching in Android. Since 2014, Szymon is at Pixels.IO: a venture aimed to transform the way people interact with and take information away from their physical environments.